Download Name Play Size Duration
download Casting Out Demons
Tim Godfrey-10/15/2017

23.6 MB 51:37 min
download Dealing with Doubt
Tim Ryan-10/8/2017

24 MB 52:29 min
download Calming the Storm
Tim Godfrey

22 MB 48:05 min
download Paralytic Man
Tim Godfrey-9/24/2017

25.3 MB 55:11 min
download Water into Wine
Tim Godfrey-9/17/2017

26.2 MB 57:10 min
download Miracles of Christ-Introduction
Tim Godfrey-9/10/2017

18 MB 39:22 min
download Hope in God Overcomes the Power of Despair
Tim Ryan - 9/3/2017

26 MB 56:46 min
download Guest Speaker
John DeClene-8/27/2017

22.6 MB 49:26 min
download Hope & Harmony
Pastor Tim-8/20/2017

26.7 MB 58:24 min
download Expectations & Exhortations
Pastor Tim-8/13/2017

23.5 MB 51:21 min
download Authenticity
Pastor Tim-8/6/2017

23.4 MB 51:05 min
download Vision and Vexation
Pastor Tim-7/30/2017

29.4 MB 1:04:14 min

These sermons are recorded in the mp3 file format. A high-speed Internet connection is highly recommended for downloading them, due to their large file size.  If you prefer, audio tapes are available upon request.